Wood Turnings

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A staved bowl consisting of 12 staves.  It is made from maple, chestnut, and mahogany and is 16” tall.  The base is 5.75” in diameter, and the top is 14” in diameter.

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A cedar bowl cut from a single slab of wood.  The rings were cut on a band saw and then glued.  Once glued, it was put in a wood lathe and spun down to a smooth surface. A simple segmented bowl made from walnut and maple consisting of 16 rings and 16 segments.  There are 256 individual pieces plus 80 accent pieces.  It is 16” in diameter at its widest point and approximately 9” tall. A slotted curly maple bowl 9" in diameter and approximately 3” tall with a wall thickness of 3/16”.
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A bowl made from African padauk wood.  It is 9” tall with a diameter of 4” and a wall thickness of 1/2”. Another bowl made of African padauk.  It is 9” tall with a diameter of 4” and a wall thickness of 3/8”. Five bowls made from various woods.
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Three segmented vessels made from various woods.  All approximately 16” tall, and the largest is 12” in diameter.

A jewelry chest made from African padauk, cherry, and maple.  The dimensions are 18”x12”x10”, and the corners are “clovered” half-blind dovetails.

Jewelry Box. Made from, Cherry and Figured Maple. 15”X12”X 6”. The Corners are “Clovered” Half-blind dovetails.
Goblets made from various woods.